Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Megan!!!

Yes, my wonderfully silly beautiful young lady of a girl had a birthday yesterday. I think I resisted posting this yesterday because I just can never believe how old she's getting -- those birthdays just keep coming. It seem like just yesterday I was telling her she couldn't turn 5 and now yesterday she became a 9 year old!!! I wonder if it's this hard with all children or just the oldest child.

Megan and I went out for our traditional birthday lunch (Mexican, mmmm) and then in the afternoon we celebrated with an icecream cake from Cold Stone Creamery (Megan's favorite). Megan also had a friend stay overnight (that's her hand ;-) and her friend's name is Megan so at least that's easy to remember. I took both of them to ChuckECheese for pizza and games for a couple of hours and then they watched a movie and did other fun girl sleepover stuff. I think they had a good time and they don't even seem TOO tired this morning. :-)

Megan -- may you have another wonderful year full of happy surprises and beautiful blessings.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Megan!

Tracy Downing, Taunton,MN said...

I think it's just the oldest, because they are making us feel older.

jonesy said...

Happy birthday, Megan!!!