Friday, July 21, 2006

Off on a grand adventure

At least that's what we're telling Nessa -- tomorrow will be the start of a grand adventure...

I had hoped to get some more blog posts done this week but it's been crazy busy with Shawn working late while the rest of us go to swimming lessons AND trying to get ready for our trip.

We'll be flying from La Crosse to MPLS to Baltimore, renting a car, staying in Annapolis with Kevin, Jo and Max, going on day trips to Philadelphia, Hershey and Washington D.C, visiting a few friends, and spending lots of quality time with the Brooks family!

We live bright and early Saturday morning and will be gone for an entire week and then plan to recover for a day or two -- so expect some great updates around my birthday (August 2nd for anyone that doesn't know or remember!)

Until then be sure to include us in your daily prayers -- for starters prayers not only for safe travels, but also for both our own sanity and the sanity (and kindness!) of our fellow travelers! (flying with a toddler, yikes!)

Be well --

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Anonymous said...

Even though you have already flown, I still offer you good luck. I'd guess that Nessa is cute enough that your fellow passengers will overlook any possible bad behavior, right?