Thursday, June 15, 2006

These shoes were made for ... squeaking (??)

Yep, Nessa has a pair of squeaky shoes (apparently quite popular in China according to the website I ordered them from) and we're finally getting some use out of them. Nessa loves to hear them squeak when she walks and we think it's encouraging her to walk more rather than taking the faster route (crawling). I have yet to capture the many adorable moments when Nessa is walking to one of us or walking holding her blanket and pooh bear, and so on -- but I did capture a few pictures of Nessa walking outside with Daddy and her outside walking toy (thank you rummage sales!). Today we had supper in the park and Nessa was more interested in walking all over than she was in eating supper. She was wearing her squeaky shoes and it was so cute we didn't even mind (not much anyway; sure beat the whining she was doing in the Food Co-op because she couldn't get down and play).

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