Monday, June 12, 2006

Baaa Baa - aa - aa (white) sheep

Baaa Baa - aa - aa (white) sheep

Yes, we have animal sounds at our house. Nessa seemed to favor the sheep that came with her farm from the beginning and now, after hearing me tell her the sheep says "baa" many, many times, she is telling me what the sheep says.

Nessa will go and get her sheep many times each day and play with them at the farm and also bring them to us to play with them too. Nessa also enjoys all of the animal books we have as well. And today there was a sheep on TV and Nessa turned to me and said "baa baa."

And yes, in addition to hiding her sheep in various places to find later, such as in her buggy, Nessa often chews on them. Of course Nessa chews on most things when she's in the mood to chew -- I even caught her chewing on the edge of the wood end table the other day! Yep, I'm pretty sure there are more teeth arriving soon ... baa - aa

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