Thursday, June 15, 2006

Megan had a great time at Girl Scout camp!

Those of you that helped Megan get to camp -- thank you! And be warned that next year she has even bigger goals! :-)

Megan loved camp so if you see her be sure to ask her about all of her fun activities.

Megan was at camp Ehawee ( It's about 45 minutes from La Crosse in a beautiful rural area. Megan was enrolled in the "Sophisticated Ladies" session, but she also spent time doing traditional camp activities and working on Girl Scout badges. But in addition to the creek hopping, swimming and camp fires, the girls also went to the mall and participated in a fashion show, had makeovers and manicures, and had a limo ride into downtown La Crosse to spend some time at the Beuty school getting their hair done! You can see photos of Megan and others through their ecamp site ( -- let me know if you want an invitation to see the photo album I have saved there).

I arrived at camp just in time to watch the final campfire ceremony. They gave awards out at the ceremony and Megan got the award for camp investigator because she asked so many questions!

After giving out the awards and telling us a bit about their camp adventures they all sang us a camp song and then it was time to say Goodbye. (By the way it was only the campers leaving on Wednesday that were at the "final camp fire" as the campers that were there for longer sessions were elsewhere -- so there really are more girls at the camp at one time than these photos would show!)

Megan was exhausted when it was time to go home as in addition to a pretty late bedtime she was awake much longer just talking to her tent-mates (girls talking? really?). She probably would have been asleep much sooner if Nessa had let her, but this is the photo I took of her in the car when we were just a few minutes from home (Shawn was driving then!)

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