Saturday, June 03, 2006

Megan at Moondance Ranch

Shawn here. Megan also had fun at Moondance Ranch Memorial Day weekend. She tried her hand at mini golf...

...and as always was good with her sister.

Megan liked the animals best of all. Most are tame and roam the park freely, with little or no fear of humans, so you can get very close to them.

There are machines all over the park that dispense a handful of corn for a quarter, and many of the animals will eat right out of your hand. Megan enjoyed feeding them, and giggled at how their tongues felt.

This goat was amusing, except for the fact that he was hogging (goating?) the nice shady seat.

Many of the animals will let you pet them. This deer was resting in the shade by Nessa's stroller for quite a while. After Megan saw some other people come up and pet it, she decided to try.

Megan said she had a really good time at the park. We'll have to go back again when Nessa is old enough to do more.

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