Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nessa's Big Day At The Ranch

Shawn here. We were at my parents' house in Walker, MN, for Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday we took the girls to Moondance Ranch, a park that has tame animals you can feed and pet as well as a variety of other activities. Nessa had a big day. First, a goat that Megan was feeding came up and licked Nessa's shoe (perhaps to see if it would be good to eat). It happened so fast that neither Mommy nor Daddy got a picture. Nessa was not happy about being a goat lollipop.

After walking around some to look at the animals, we played mini golf. Nessa had to help both Daddy and Megan. (She helped Mommy too, but we didn't get a picture.)

Then it was time to get in out of the hot sun for a bit, so we went to have snacks. Nessa wasn't excited about the ice cream (too cold), so Daddy got her an M&M cookie, much to Mommy's chagrin. It was yummy, and Mommy reports that the stains came out in the wash.

After we finished our snacks, Mommy and Megan went off to feed some of the animals while Daddy and Nessa walked around the park. Nessa fell asleep, so Daddy found a nice shady spot by a swing so they could both relax. A deer thought the shade looked inviting as well and came over for a rest.

A little later, a curious goat came by to see what these humans were up to, and had to check out the bright orange contraption with the little human inside. Nessa didn't mind this goat nearly so much for some reason.

It was a full day for a 1 year-old, but we all had fun.

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Looks like a fun place!