Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nessa missed Megan! And Megan missed Nessa!

Welcome home Megan!!!

Yes, we're sure Nessa misses Megan when she's not here. There was one day while Megan was gone that Nessa was looking out the window and "talking" and it sounded like she said "Megan"! Daddy told Nessa that Megan was at camp and that we all missed her.

Nessa was very happy to see Megan when Nessa and I got to camp to pick up Megan, and Nessa was even happier to finally be able to actually play with Megan! :-)

Megan still had her hair up from getting her up-do while at camp so I wanted a picture of her anyway and Megan said to leave Nessa's pants off because she had a "rock'n" diaper!

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