Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nessa goes for a walk

Shawn captured this photo through the window when he saw Tami and Nessa going for a walk. Nessa isn't quite walking on her own but she loves to walk with assistance and she especially loves using her walking toy outside. We walked *all the way* to the end of the block which is just a little farther than the length of our house. ;-)

I'm sure soon we'll be posting news of Nessa really walking. She's taken a few steps here and there but nothing consistent as she still knows she's faster and more sure of herself crawling. She has certainly mastered the art of falling though -- she now doesn't miss a beat between the ker-plunk of landing on her bottom and getting back up or taking off crawling. This means that there are fewer tears about falls in our home lately (of course there's more about wanting things her own way).

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