Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sit-com Easter

Easter Sunday was a nice relaxing day--until about 5:00 PM. At that point, as I was making our Easter supper, the kitchen sink backed up. Knowing full well that it would mean calling the plumber in the morning, I started applying my not-quite-right-for-the-job tools to the task of removing the trap so I could at least get the water to drain. In the middle of this, my brother called. I had to hand him off to Dad so I could get the sink cleared before the ham was done.

I got the drain somewhat unclogged, and a bucket and towels placed under the sink to deal with the leaks left over from reattaching the trap, and we made it through supper. After supper, while Tami was out with Megan, I called my brother back. After we had talked for maybe 10 minutes I heard Nessa start to cry (that "I just got hurt" cry that any parent knows so well)--she had bumped her head on the end table when she looked down to see something she had dropped. I once again handed my brother off to Dad, took Nessa from Mom, and launched into the following sequence:

1) I got Nessa calmed down and gave her something to make her feel better.
2) I told her it was jammie time, took her clothes off, and took her in to go potty.
3) After not doing much of anything Nessa said she was done on the potty, so we went out to put on a new diaper.
4) Nessa was kicking and not staying still, keeping me from putting her diaper on, so she had to sit on the "not being sweet" chair.
5) Nessa peed on the chair.
6) I took Nessa back into the bathroom to sit on the potty again.
7) While Nessa was sitting on the potty, I came back out to quickly clean up the chair. (At this point I told Mom, who had taken the phone from Dad, to tell my brother I wasn't going to have time to talk to him.)
8) I went back to the bathroom to find that Nessa had unrolled 3-4 yards of toilet paper. She looked at me a bit abashed and said "Too much toilet paper."
9) After I got Nessa wiped off, she went to get her stool so she could wash her hands. As she was trying to turn with it, she tripped over her own feet and whacked her head (ear first) into the door frame (her second head whack in 15-20 minutes).
10) I calmed Nessa down again, and we washed her hands.
11) I finally got her into a diaper and got her jammies on. Just then Tami returned and got to waltz in and be the hero, snuggling Nessa to soothe away all her troubles.

This is really the first sit-com parenting night I can remember, but I'm sure it won't be the last.

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