Thursday, April 19, 2007

Single Dad (That's Mr. Mom To You)

I'm flying solo for a few days, as Tami is in Syracuse, NY, for the ICAN conference. She left yesterday afternoon and will be back on Monday.

All is fine so far. Nessa and I had some practice runs for Tami-less bedtimes last week when Tami had to attend evening events for work, and I'm usually the one who gets Nessa up and dressed in the morning anyway. Nessa did wake up in the wee smalls last night, which is very unusual these days. But when I picked her up she snuggled into my shoulder and let me sing her back to sleep.

(Is there any better feeling in the world than having your child snuggle into you for comfort? Especially if they are trying to fall asleep? Every time it happens I am almost overwhelmed by the amount of trust and love implicit in such a simple act.)

My Mom is coming tomorrow to give her granddaughter some much needed spoiling. Dad may be along as well. Having a relief pitcher will allow me to do things like get out and mow the lawn (Yikes--it's only the middle of April!), but we also plan to have plenty of family fun time as well.

I'll try to get some recent pictures posted in Tami's absence, but if I don't, it's because I'm busy being a Dad!

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