Saturday, April 21, 2007

Single Dad, Part II

As mentioned, my Mom and Dad are here for the weekend to get some quality time with their granddaughter and help me out while Tami is in NY. They're just in time, too. Nessa has a nasty cough which woke her up a couple of times Thursday night and once last night, so I'm short on sleep. I was almost dozing at my desk Friday afternoon. It's nice to have someone else here to watch/play with her since I'm not at my best at the moment. Thank goodness for grandparents. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

We went to the Children's Museum this morning, but my brain wasn't functioning fully, so I forgot to take a camera. Nessa had a good time, and Mom and Dad were really impressed by the museum. They have a great new toddler space that Nessa loves. Nessa was also enjoying the pin art, and kept pressing her face and arms into the one side and then running around to the other side to see what it looked like. She would then take the paddles, push the pins back, and start the process over again. Top it off with pizza for lunch, and it was a pretty good morning.

Unfortunately, Tami reports that she is not feeling well out in NY. We don't know if she caught something on one of the planes, or if she caught the same thing Nessa has before leaving, but she is not having nearly as much fun as she had hoped. Her friends are all doing what they can to help her feel better, but it only goes so far. I think she'll be glad to get home.

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