Monday, April 23, 2007

Single Dad, Part III

Nessa had a lot of fun with her Grandpa and Grandma Brooks this weekend, and I was finally able to get some of it on film. Sunday evening after supper, things started with Grandma reading to Nessa.

But then Nessa wanted something to drink, and the tickle fingers started.

Pretty soon it was an all-out tickle fest, with Nessa squealing in delight!

Nessa kept trying to get away from Grandpa, but Grandma was doing just as much tickling (albeit with a few hugs mixed in). This went on for several minutes, giving me plenty of time to get some pictures, before Nessa had enough. She really enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, and they with her.

Now Grandma and Grandpa are back at home, and so is Mommy! Nessa was very excited to see Tami when we got to daycare this afternoon. Tami was happy to see Nessa, and the rest of us, as well. Tami's still under the weather and very tired, but is feeling better than a couple of days ago. We're glad to have her back--we missed her!

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