Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Nessa!

Here are a few quick photos of Nessa on her birthday! She really enjoyed it whenever anyone sang Happy Birthday to her! :-)

Megan made her the beautiful pink cake!

Below is Nessa with her Blues Clues balloon that Megan got for her. Nessa loves Blues Clues from reading the books and also from watching a couple of videos that we still had from when Megan loved Blues Clues!

Nessa loves to "cook" so you can imagine that she loves her presents of play food -- Below you can see her "cutting" her wooden food (connected by velcro). It will take some practice before she gets the cutting motion down, but she certainly loves trying. (And boy that velcro makes a satisfying crunch sound when you cut it with the wooden knife!)

In the afternoon we stopped by our wonderful daycare for a small celebration with Nessa's friends. We had cookies and gave a gift to the daycare in celebration of Nessa's birthday. Below is Nessa in her birthday crown as we're singing to her before she opens the present. And below that is her playing with the wooden pizza and utensil that was inside!

It was a nice day and Nessa seems very happy to be 2 even if she didn't smile on cue for the pictures! :-)

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rae rae said...

Time flies! Happy birthday, Nessa!