Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas day photos -- part 1 -- Santa

OK, so you've all been waiting long enough ... although we haven't been taking many photos since Christmas so enjoy these (we've been taking video instead but I'm not sure if I'll figure out posting it).

The girls first discovered that Santa had left something special for them in addition to filling their stockings. It was an American Girl Christmas morning at our house as Megan was thrilled to find Felicity was left for her and Nessa found twins (Sam and Sally ... you will be hearing more about them soon).

Megan was thrilled to find Felicity Christmas morning. Nessa thought her dolls were pretty cool too, but Sam was not supposed to be wearing his hat! Nessa tried to put it on herself, but of course it didn't fit. :-)

Discovering all those fun little goodies in their stockings was lots of fun!

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