Sunday, January 14, 2007

Messy Baby

Unlike some kids, Nessa has no problem being messy. She does like to have a napkin by her side, but I think that's more to have something to play with and to be like the rest of us than to stay clean. In fact if you look carefully, you'll see that her napkin (black and orange checked cloth napkin) ended up kind of behind her and on her shoulder because she was playing peek a boo with it at one point.

This was actually Christmas day dinner and how Nessa was having fun with the cool whip on her pie for dessert.

She was calling herself a "Messy Baby" over and over. And of course since I seem to be obsessed with messy baby pictures I had to get the camera out. :-)

Nessa was also having fun playing with Grandma Groth (that's who she's looking at here).

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