Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sick days part two

We're home again today. This time it's Megan that is sick with what appears to be the stomach flu. I was up all night with her (got a couple of hours of sleep between 5 a.m. and the time Shawn left for work) and the time around 3 a.m. when I thought I was falling asleep for a bit on the couch with Megan was when Nessa decided to wake up and need me for awhile ... thankfully it was normal wakefulness on Nessa's part and I'm still hoping Nessa won't get sick. I'm also kind of hoping this is the same thing I had last week just so it means that we're done with it rather than the possibility of me getting it as well!

Now, besides being tired, I have TONS of laundry to do because going from "my tummy hurts" to "I need to throw up" caught Megan by surprise.

Stop reading if you don't want TMI ...

We will NEVER order the California veggie pizza from Toppers again! The worst smell ever ... well you know where I'm going with that one ...

Between this and work deadlines ... it may be awhile before I get the rest of the updates done to the blog. :-(

And New Years started out so nice with a fun evening out for New Years (but the fireworks were rained out ... dumb weather) and a nice day playing games with Megan the next day ... it was fun while it lasted.

Hope others are having a healthier new year!!!

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