Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas Day photos -- part 2

Apparently this could also be titled "My Crazy Cranky Sister" according to Megan. That is indeed the title of the paper she wrote at school when asked to write about her holiday, and she was referring mostly to Christmas morning. I haven't had a chance to read this paper yet, but if I get permission to share it with you all, I certainly will! :-)

Megan loved all of her gifts and was thrilled to open them when it was her turn. She got lots of grown up gifts and proved she was ready for them by being the most excited about all of the clothes (and I almost didn't get her any because there were so many other things on the list I wanted for her!)

Megan also always wants things to use when playing school, and she also loves science things so this human body model was a big hit.

Nessa ... well, while I'm now confident that she actually does like all of her gifts, she has NO interest in opening them at all. She was quite interested in everything other people were opening, but in general the fact that we were NOT following her normal routine and their was so much going on left her feeling quite insecure and eventually she went and got her blanket and pooh bear and curled up and nursed with mom for awhile. We eventually opened her gifts and she slowly started playing with them.

Nessa loved all of the food she got for her kitchen. Nessa has spent hours "feeding her babies" with these wooden food toys she got.

Nessa also received lots of books and some great art dot markers that she has used several times.

Tami will never again wrap a toddler's present individually (as in each book) again just in case they really like opening presents!

Shawn and I also had a great Christmas morning but you really don't want to look at photos of us all groggy in the morning. ;-)

We were very blessed in 2006 and had a wonderful holiday season.

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