Monday, December 04, 2006

Toddler Tales

Last Monday Nessa and I were at WalMart to get a few things. I couldn't find one item, so as we were leaving that aisle I said to Nessa "I guess they don't have it. Darn darn darn!" Of course, Nessa promptly started saying "Darn darn darn!", and continued to say it about 20 times as we were heading across the store. I was just rolling my eyes, shaking my head and laughing to myself, glad it was something fairly innocuous. "Darn darn darn! Darn darn darn!" It should perhaps be noted that our parrot frequently asks for crackers as well.

On Wednesday evening Nessa was playing with an empty laundry basket, trying to get inside. She's not quite tall enough, so she was taking a few spills and occasionally getting hit by the basket. After the second or third fall she started crying. Tami asked if she wanted help and Nessa said "No!" quite distinctly as she was trying again. Things got worse and the crying got louder, so I headed into the living room asking if Daddy could help. Nessa held out her hand with the palm forward in the universal symbol for stop and said "No!" (among other things). When I retreated, she turned around and, still crying, started babbling at the laundry basket. I swear she was cussing out that laundry basket and giving it a piece of her mind! She was not a happy camper. Then, five minutes later, she was quietly reading her books, happy as could be. Wish I could get things out of my system that easily...

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