Thursday, December 14, 2006

"I'm not a baby"

Picture this -- a routine Thursday morning in our household as we get going for a full day of work and daycare (because it is Thursday) and Nessa only protests slightly at getting her diaper changed and dressed because she would rather be reading her books (so Daddy reads to her while Mommy changes her) ... and at 7:15 we're out the door ...

As I go around the car to the side where Nessa's car seat is she starts fussing and wiggling and fussing and babbling and we keep hearing "baby" but can't figure it out, and then:

"I'm not a baby!"

Shawn and I looked at each other and Shawn verified that that is indeed what it sounded like!

I was stunned, but did quickly manage to bounce up and down to "one, two, three, Weeee" and get Nessa safely in the car seat for the short trip to daycare. During the two block drive Shawn and I were still in shock at how clearly Nessa had expressed herself and assumed she meant she didn't want to be in the car seat because she was not a a baby. Later, I wondered if (maybe?) she merely wanted to get into her seat by herself rather than being put in the seat. At least that's what I'm hoping because I certainly don't want to be fighting this carseat battle for the next, oh, 7 years or so!

This is just one example of how Nessa is indeed learning to express herself ... and a few of them are a little less tantrum like! :-)

Yes, our little girl is most definitely not a baby anymore ... and as usual that makes mommy both smile and sniffle.

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