Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday haircuts

It has become a tradition for Megan and I to get our hair cut during the week before Christmas ... and this year Nessa got to join us.

Unfortunately due to bad scheduling on my part Shawn did not get to join us (bad not because he needed a haircut but because this meant it was just Megan and I to watch Nessa and I was getting my hair colored as well as cut!). I was so worried about having lots of treats and surprise toys with me that I forgot to bring the camera! So, I did take a picture of Nessa's new hair style (no more bangs in the eyes) this morning and will upload that as soon as I can, but we have no first hair cut pictures. :-(

But then again would I want pictures of this hair cut experience? Nessa actually got her hair cut while she was sitting on my lap while I was under the dryer with hair color and that nifty shower cap thing on ... not a pretty picture ... trust me on that one. My wonderful hair stylist did a wonderful job as Nessa kept turning her head in all sorts of directions! Then it was Megan's turn and Megan decided that it was time to cut off all of her hair that had grown in the last year. She cut off 7 or 8 inches! She looks fabulous in her cute new style ... and again a picture was taken this morning and will be added to the blog as soon as I can get to it ... but I thought you might all want an update on the adventures of our house this week before that. :-)

By the time we left the salon Nessa had spilled apple juice down her front, had green sugar cookie crumbs all over her face and had a little hair (likely Megan's) sticking to her from her attempts at helping to sweep the area. Nessa had also treated us (luckily only one other customer) to her tantrum shrieks when her cookie, water, juice, and several other items were not handed to her in exactly the right way. (She turns into a pumpkin at about 7 p.m. when not at home these days ... my apt. was at 6:15 ... we left about 7:45 ...). Megan did a great job helping to entertain her, but at some point even a side ways glance can set her off ... and without hair in her eyes she could actually see, so ...

Now the "secret" is out ... our beautiful and ever so intelligent girl is all about expressing her own independent needs and NOT about accommodating the rest of us. Thankfully Megan did not hold Nessa's behavior against her and this morning for the first time it was not Mommy or Daddy that Nessa wanted, but Megan. Yes, only Nessa's sister would do when it came to getting dressed and eating breakfast. It was actually quite sweet. I kept hovering nearby waiting for sudden change toddlers are so famous for, but instead or morning flowed nearly flawlessly!

Oh, and to add some humor to the tantrums and "pre" tantrum, Nessa's new favorite word is "ENOUGH." Nessa uses it just like "no" as she picked it up from me saying "enough" as in "that's enough" when either of the girls are doing something that they need to stop doing ... so now she tells me things like "enough diapers." And you can imagine my thoughts at that sentiment.

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