Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Eve at our house

In the morning we cleaned since we weren't able to accomplish everything we wanted to the previous day (but the rec room WAS cleaned the previous day so that's why everything else wasn't done) and of course there was the normal routine too of lunch, naps, etc. We tried to eat lunch a bit early and get Nessa down for a nap by noon so we wouldn't have to wake her up in order to leave for church (didn't really work).

Grandma and Grandpa arrived mid afternoon and we finished cleaning between chatting with them. Then it was time to get ready for 4 p.m. church. This was the first time in my memory that we've gone to this particular church service at our church. We were not prepared for how full church would be. We should have left the house at about 3 p.m. instead of 3:40 p.m. (if you don't know, we leave about 2 minutes from church). Church was PACKED and we ended up sitting outside and actually a bit to the right of the Sanctuary on extra chairs, but there was still lots for Nessa to see and she did fabulous sitting through the service. Well, actually she climbed up and down and all over ME for the service, but she was still very good considering we haven't attempted to have her sit through an entire service since she started walking! It was a wonderful service with lots of my favorite songs and a great sermon/kids sermon (all in one this time) that Megan got to participate in.

After church it was time to go home, attempt to take family photos before one or both of the girls decided it was time to not be wearing their dresses anymore, make and eat food .... AND open one present. Our tradition is to let the girls open one present on Christmas Eve and it's always fun watching Megan decide which one to open. This year she technically got to open two since Grandma also gave her one to open.

See how Nessa is watching intently?

By the way Nessa got that beautiful rocking chair from Grandma and Grandpa.

Oh, look it's Baby Polly! (The American Girl Felicity's baby sister). Thank you Grandma!

And Nessa say, oh look it's a little baby doll just the right size for ME!

After Nessa hugged, cuddled, drooled on, and totally loved up Baby Polly, we had Megan quickly put her in her room so that she would remain "Megan's doll" rather than being "adopted" by Nessa. I think that was Nessa's favorite present though! (When I post about Christmas morning you'll know what I mean!)

After Nessa was off to bed, Shawn and I headed out for a later Church Service while Megan had some quality time with Grandpa and Grandma. Megan was pushing us out the door so I think we left at 8:40 for the 9 p.m. service, we walked and I was wearing heals so it may have taken us 5 rather than 2 minutes ... we could have left at 8:58 and still sat in the front (or the back if that's your preference) for this service!

Then it was time for Megan to leave cookies out for Santa and convince herself it was indeed possible to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. :-)

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring ...

... except Santa's helpers of course.

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