Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas photos!?!

Yes we celebrated Christmas with Shawn's parents up in Walker, MN over the rest of the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Walker actually has a holiday celebration the Friday after Thanksgiving so we went to the parade that night (thankfully it wasn't too cold) as well as doing a little holiday shopping in downtown Walker Friday. Saturday we celebrated with good food and lots of presents. Nessa even decided it was fun to open presents after the first couple that we had to help her with (she had been told they were "pretty" and off limits before that).

Nessa thought it was great fun to sit by the fireplace and was very proud when she learned to get up there by herself.

Megan with the video for her and Nessa

Megan loves jewelry so the charm bracelets were a big hit!

Nessa opening her first Christmas present of the year.

Shawn helping Nessa, and Megan holding up her "Power Pals" set (experiments with batteries). So far this is the present of Megan's that has been used the most!

New books are the best! But apparently Nessa would rather be left alone to read!

We had a great time and even the drive up and back wasn't too bad as Nessa slept a lot and was happy most of the time when she wasn't sleeping. When both girls were awake they had fun counting or saying the alphabet together. When Megan says the alphabet with Nessa she will say each letter and then wait for Nessa to say it and then after "Z" Nessa says "again, again."

The one thing I realize now that we didn't do was get a picture of Grandpa and Grandma with the girls. :-( I'll blame that on my not feeling well as a cold and cough was definitely setting in all weekend, but really we've just become really bad at remembering to take group pictures lately ... next time!

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Anonymous said...

Megan looks a lot like you; I definitely see the resemblance when she smiles. And Nessa is looking like such a cutie! She's finally got some hair there; as much as Natalie! ;)

Just thought I'd let you know that I have been making necklaces here and there. I made a couple for a mom in my group and four for another mom which included two for her teenaged daughter. If you are interested, I can make one each for Megan and Nessa. The one for Nessa would be more like the nursing necklaces you can find online but the size would be more of a sibling necklace (unless you are looking for a nursing necklace) and the one for Megan I can do with seed beads; I've been making them with a really cute rainbow design and including the child's name. If you are interested, let me know. Just thought I'd bring that up since you mentioned in your post that Megan liked jewelry.

Oh, and thanks for our comment. Yes, Natalie does seem more like a toddler than a baby. Where does the time go? She's grown up SO fast! But they're so much fun to be with at this age, aren't they?