Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rotary Lights and Santa

Megan and Nessa went to see Santa at Rotary Lights in La Crosse's Riverside Park on Sunday night. Megan officially told Santa to surprise her (!?!) and Nessa watched curiously without crying because she stayed in mom's arms the entire time. :-)

Santa pinning on Nessa's "I saw Santa at Rotary Lights" button.

After visiting Santa, we walked around and looked at all of the light displays and decorated trees. It was a nice night and we were all thankful that it was much warmer than the night we went last year!

Tami, Shawn with Nessa, and Megan.

Grandma Jan with Nessa, Grandpa Bob and Megan.

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jonesy said...

I glanced at the 3rd picture and instead of Santa's face, I saw boobs! I had to do a double-take! LOL. Glad Nessa's first Santa experience was good. I wished the Santa at the Apache Mall wore the red suit...*sigh*