Monday, January 28, 2008

Same Cube, Different Day, Different Company

Well, it's official: I now work for "Business Objects, an SAP company." SAP acquired over 80% of Business Objects shares in the first tender offer, and I hear that most of the remaining shares are coming in during the second offer. I guess I can stop worrying about learning French and think about learning German instead.

Opportunities for puns abound. We had an internal "Day One" event entitled ME@SAP--I had to exercise great restraint with that one. (Don't the people who come up with the names for these things ever think about the unintended possibilities?)

In any case, I now work for one of the Big Four in software. Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Oracle are often collectively referred to as MISO within the industry. So I guess you could say I'm now in the soup.

See, I told you the opportunities for puns abound. I only have so much strength...

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Rachel said...

welcome to the soup. I hope it works out for you.