Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nessa's New Bed

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Nessa's new bed is actually Megan's old bed. Well, really just the top bunk. After Megan started sleeping on her bottom bunk recently, I knew how I would put that bottom bunk to good use.

Friday night Shawn worked hard to be sure Nessa could sleep in her new bed that night.

I had this great idea that the top bunk rails would help Nessa not fall out. I didn't quite think that all the way through though. Those same railings also made it harder for Nessa to get in and out of bed. Well, after the first morning of waking up crying we practiced with the stool and figured that one out, and by nap time this weekend she didn't need the stool as she repeatedly got out of bed when she didn't want to sleep.

By the end of the weekend we were all tired of stepping over the railing and not being able to sit on the edge of the bed. This weekend the railing will be removed, and we'll see if we need to do something else to help her not fall out . (I know we have options for other railings, etc..)

Megan took this picture while she was camera happy this weekend (actually I asked her to take a few specific pics and then she was on a roll). Megan had made Nessa's bed nice and neat with her quilts all in order on top of the bed as well, but when the covers got messed up while looking for her blankie (actually in the toy kitchen oven) she must have decided the "reality pose" was better. Except, I can't remember a time when Nessa just sat quietly on her bed while awake...maybe I'm seeing a glimpse into the future when she is mad at me and pouts quietly on her own ... oh, wait I just have to open the next door down the hall to get a picture of that. :-)

Nessa claims to like her new bed. How she acts when it's time to use it would not prove this to be accurate, but she does like to stay in it when it's time to get up in the morning.

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