Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another smile

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Admittedly this one is a bit cheesy, but cheesy is an improvement over purposefully pouting when the camera comes out so we're making progress of a sort. Recently Nessa started playing to the camera like this so watch for more cheesy grins.

These smiles, and not going outside the last several hours, have really warmed me up today. :-) According to AccuWeather it has warmed all the way up to -4 ... by the time I leave for the day we may be in the positive which will feel down right balmy. The high is predicted to be 8 above and it will happen for about 30 seconds roughly between 3 p.m. and 3:05 p.m. ... or something like that. Luckily there isn't much wind here today! This weekend we're supposed to be having a heat wave so with any luck there will be actual playing going on in all of that white fluffy stuff piled up high everywhere here.

By the way I'm known as the one adult in our household who kind of, sort of, likes winter ... so all of this not-so-positive weather chatter must mean I need more time with my light therapy box or something. At least it gives all of the southern readers a gasp or two. Really, I do think I'm much more sensitive to the cold than I ever used to be though. Thank goodness for heated seats in the van .... AND...

all the wonderful warm smiles!

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