Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wings Of Song

Nessa likes to sing. She sings while she plays, while she’s waiting for Mom or Dad, in the car, and sometimes in the bathtub. Her repertoire includes original compositions--such as “I’m Going In A Circle With Teddy Bear And Airplane” and “I’m Silly, You’re Grumpy”--as well as songs she’s learned. On Christmas Eve she sang “The Christmas Song (Chesnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” for Tami. The tune was unrecognizable, but the lyrics were word–perfect. More recently, she’s learned to do the ABC song such that you can recognize the melody.

Sometimes, though, the lyrics are just a bit off. I was very amused last spring when I heard her singing “Where Is Jacques?” in the car. Last night, on the way to the library, she started singing a song I hadn't heard her sing before. Although the first words weren’t really recognizable, the tune and hearing “is falling down” over and over gave it away as London Bridge. It was fun to listen to, but the best part was when she got to the end: “London Bridge is falling down, on the lady!”

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