Sunday, June 03, 2007

San Francisco, Day Two

Sunday of my weekend in San Francisco was spent at the Golden Gate Bridge and driving around the Marin Headlands north of the bridge. First we stopped on the south side to take pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day, although again quite windy (I'm told that windy is the norm for San Francisco.):

We then drove across the bridge. Since I wasn't driving, I was able to get a good shot of both towers while on the bridge:

Because the bridge curves a bit on the north end, there is place at the scenic lookout where you can get a picture looking straight down the bridge:

While we were at the scenic look out at the north end of the bridge, we noticed that the fog had come in from the ocean and covered the south end of the bridge. It stayed on the bridge for most of the time that we were driving around the Marin headlands on the north side of the Golden Gate:

While we were driving along the coast in the Marin headlands, we stopped several times either to get pictures or to explore old coastal gun emplacements. (The guns are long gone, but the concrete is all still there, and occasionally there are historic markers.) As we were looping back away from the coast heading back to the highway over the Golden Gate Bridge, we went through some small occupied areas (Army housing, I think, but I'm not sure). At one point we saw two deer, one about 20 feet from a mobile home, and this one about ten feet from the road. It wasn't bothered in the least when we stopped to take a picture:

By the time we were driving back over the bridge, the fog was gone. After we got back across the bridge into San Francisco, we headed up to Lombard St. and drove down the block of "the world's crookedest street." We had originally planned to explore The Presidio area as well, but we were tired and sore, so we headed back to San Jose early and spent the rest of the day relaxing and, in my case, taking ibuprofen. But I'm happy I got to see what I saw, and I look forward to a chance to do it when Tami is with me.

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