Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was low-key and relaxed, a great family weekend. Megan was at her Dad's turkey hunting, so it was just Tami, Nessa and I. Saturday morning we got up early (not that Tami and I planned to, mind you, but we were outvoted) and went to rummage sales. We got lots of great clothes for Nessa at several different sales. We also discovered that taking Nessa along when she's not in the stroller now has an extra challenge: Nessa likes to remove the stickers from items.

Nessa loves stickers, but has never felt that they're one-time-only items. She will pull them off one thing and put them on something else until there's no more sticky left, and she didn't see why she couldn't do that with the items at the rummage sales. She was good when we told her "No," but it only lasted for the duration of one rummage sale--when we got to the next one we had to start over. At each sale, we asked the sellers if Nessa could take off the stickers from the items we bought. Everyone was happy to let her do it, and that seemed to satisfy Nessa. People were also good about letting Nessa look through books and play with toys to keep her occupied, so it was a fun morning.

On Sunday we went to the biggest and best playground in town for a couple of hours. We had a picnic lunch and Nessa got to play on lots of cool equipment. She mostly went back and forth between the swings and one particular slide, but I got her to try a few other things. Although there were quite a few other kids there, Nessa showed little interest in trying to play with them.

On Monday Tami wanted to put in a few work hours at home, so I took Nessa out to run errands. We went to the pet store, where we made sure to look at the kitties and the fish, and to Best Buy, where Nessa got her very first Thomas the Tank Engine video of her own (instead of borrowed from the library). Daddy is going to have to be careful when he takes Nessa into certain stores, 'cause he's a soft touch. :-) As we were eating our picnic lunch (see It's Nice To Be Appreciated, below) there was another family playing on the equipment. When we were done and I told Nessa it was time to go, she surprised me by saying "Play with the other kids." Unfortunately, right when we got there the others had to go, so we went home for a nap too.

Tami and I also did a few household chores, but mostly we just relaxed and enjoyed some quality family time. It was nice not to travel for once, to just be at home and do fun family things. It was a great breather before our summer schedule gets crazy when school gets done on the 8th.

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