Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Like a kid with a new bike

Except, I'm not a kid any more ... not even close enough to pretend.

But I can still love riding my new bike!!! :-)

Shawn and the girls got me a new bike (a Trek hybrid Women Specific Design ... in celedon, who knew they even made bikes the same color as my brides maid dresses) a few weeks ago as a combination Mothers Day, Birthday and Anniversary present ... It was EXACTLY what I wanted ... how did they know. ;-) THANK YOU!

It's been great but I'm getting antsy to ride MORE so I'll be glad to get a trailer for Nessa soon too; otherwise when Shawn's gone (like this week!) I can't really ride at all. :-(

My plan is to ride bike to work a lot but so far it has only happened once so we'll see how that works out. Megan and I have also been riding on some nearby trails together and that has been lots of fun.

Anyone want to go for a bike ride?

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