Monday, June 04, 2007


Yes, it's about time we let you all in on a few things we hear around here.

This morning, Nessa: "Mommy, I want to push your buttons."
Shawn and I looked at each other and immediately broke out in laughter with little jokes about how she already knows how to push mommy's buttons VERY well! Really, what she wanted to do was sit and type at the computer. And when I was willing to let her type for a short time on my lap while I talked to Shawn about the morning that was not sufficient for our independent girl who would only be happy with sitting at the computer chair to push the buttons herself (she never was happy about that this morning).

Sunday, Tami to Shawn: "Little girl dresses always tie in the back."
OK, now that I'm posting this someone will probably show me a little girl dress that has a front tie, but we all know most little girl dresses with those at the waist ties with no purpose other than to look cute when they manage to stay tied, tie in the back of the dress. Oops, we all don't know that. Apparently those of us that were not once little girls do not always know that. :-)

Sunday, Shawn to Tami: " The last time I wanted to know anything about dresses I was trying to get them taken off, not put on."
Nessa was wearing a beautiful blue dress this Sunday (yes, the one in the pics -- a great Memorial Day weekend rummage sale find) and when we were getting into the van to leave I noticed that the little strings/straps that are for hanging up nice dresses on the hanger (do these have a name?) were slipped onto her shoulders ... one had already broken and I mentioned it and Shawn admitted he purposely put arms through there thinking it was somehow part of the sleeve ... then he admitted he still had a few things to learn about dresses and claimed it was because he'd never been worried about getting them put on before ... and I just snipped off those useless little straps that at least on *little girl* dresses just get in the way.

Last week (?) Nessa to Megan: "Excuse me, I would like to be upside down now."
This was in the evening when Nessa was done with supper and had been excused from the table, but Megan was still eating. Nessa walked up to Megan and politely asked to be upside down! Well, except for there not being a "please" it was very polite and a rather complete request. Obviously Nessa loves playing "rough" with her sister and being upside down and tickled. I love hearing them laugh and laugh and laugh together. Seems like every other day I could write a post about my silly girls! This morning Nessa was sharing a muffin with Megan and looked over at her and said, "eat your muffin, silly goose."

I'm sure there have been many more silly and otherwise blog-worthy moments at our home recently, but these are the few I remembered. I'll try to post more of those quick little moments in the future (try being the key word as always!).

And I have no idea why Nessa thought she should lean forward when I was going to take a picture, and yes we've moved into the goofy truly cheesy look when you tell her to "say cheese."

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Simply Janeen said...

Oh those pictures are just SO precious! Natalie hardly ever cooperates for pictures. SO annoying! Her cousins on the other hand, are total hams! They POSE when you take a camera out! lol

Rummage sales are awesome, aren't they? I have found lots of great outfits at great prices. Besides, it's my only way of getting clothes from places like Baby Gap, Children's Place, etc.