Monday, June 04, 2007

Mother's Day weekend

***I just found this unpublished post saved ... well really it's the beginnings of some thoughts that I added here and there throughout the day back on the Tuesday after Mother's Day ... but what good is it to call my blog "unedited us" if I don't just throw this out there rather than never publishing it? So, enjoy deciphering it! :-)

  • First trip with the van … and yes it was SO worth it. During the trip we not only used the DVD player but we also used the Stow and Go 2nd row feature as Megan wanted to sit in the back with Grandma Sunday when we all went together (another plus is we COULD all go together) and so I put the passenger side 2nd row seat down so it was easier for them to go back there … space was SO nice
  • Had our first boat ride and “lunch on the lake” (always a Megan favorite)
  • Nessa loved touching the fish that Megan caught (over a dozen sunnies) and she even ate some for supper
  • I got some really cool Mother’s Day presents (separate posts w/ photo if possible)
  • Awesome Mothers Day Brunch! …
  • Watching temp go down on the way to Cumberland …

Other quick facts:

  • Nessa slept OK in her little bed on the floor both nights (longer time to get to sleep Sat.); great nap Sat. but Sunday well that was a no go until we put her in the van and backed out of the driveway and then she was sound asleep within minutes
  • Megan did get some sewing time
  • Us girls did movie time as well as Saturday night Grandma, Megan and I watched Happy Feet on Pay per View
  • Nessa LOVED playing outside with Grandma’s toys
  • We got two pontoon rides in
  • Megan got two pedal boat rides in with Grandma and Megan did most of the steering (from what she said)
  • Megan made cookies AND dessert while we were there
  • Megan went on a 4 mile walk with Grandma Sunday after brunch (she’s a little sore today and has a blister too)
  • The van does indeed get better gas mileage on the highways than in town!!! J (first time we’ve had to check this)
  • Nessa went the entire weekend without the need of a “not so sweet chair” J
  • The cats did indeed survive.

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