Friday, March 03, 2006

SO BIG ... and Nessa's rose

One of Nessa's new fun games is the ever-popular, "Sooo Big!"

Not only will Nessa respond by raising her arms and waiting for us to say "so big" when we ask her how big she is, but if she's in the mood to show off or start a game she'll raise her arms and wait for one of us to catch on that she's ready to play.

And, what do you do with a two week old Valentine rose?

I thought I should let Nessa get a closer look at her rose than we did on Valentine's day (although I should have taken pictures then too). She had fun for a few minutes before the petals fell off and I cleaned it up and encouraged her to move on to another, more appropriate, toy.

1 comment:

jonesy said...

Nessa Rose is so beautiful with her rose!