Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Poor baby!

The last few days I've been wanting to post about Nessa feeling under the weather, but I've been too busy snuggling her ... and I SO enjoy those snuggles. Sadly, today Nessa still doesn't seem to feel like her regular happy self but she also does not want to snuggle. :-(. In fact after totally wearing out her mama (even with help from her dad who is also home from work sick) she finally chilled out in front of a baby einstein video while in the exersaucer and was happy for the first time all day! Go figure!

Nessa has been having minor cold symptoms on and off for awhile now and has also been running a fever on and off while fighting the virus. She also hasn't been eating or nursing as much as she normally does so I've been worried about that (some days are worse than others this way). Nothing has been really troubling symptom-wise though and every time I would think it was time to take her in to get checked out she would seem to be really doing better. Today I finally called and we're going to have the family doc give her the once over tomorrow afternoon since Shawn has an apt. then already (yeah for family docs). I'm really starting to miss my happy baby. :-(

As I said it hasn't all been bad though as I've gotten lots of snuggles and there have been happy playful moments here and there (photos from yesterday to be posted soon). And amazingly she has been sleeping really well the last few days, so again, go figure!

The rest of us have been recovering from colds as well to one extent or another -- so send us some healthy thoughts!

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jonesy said...

Sick baby here, too, but we have diarrhea to deal with... ugh. Sending healthy vibes your way!