Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back to normal

Now that Nessa and the rest of us are healthy again things are getting back to normal around our home. Nessa was really much better already last Wednesday when we took her in to the doctor at the same time Shawn went in (we just scheduled two apt. times next to each other with the family doctor). It's kind of Murphy's Law of taking baby to the doctor -- when I finally decide it's gone on long enough and it's time to get things checked out then things start getting better -- in fact, usually about the time we're getting ready to head out of the house to the clinic is when I realize we don't really need to go, but, of course, at that point we go anyway.

Nessa stayed cranky for a few days after she started feeling better though. There may be lots of reasons for it, but I think one of them is that she suddenly got her appetite back. She made up for all of the lost nursing time during the previous two weeks by turning into velcro girl! She also started eating her usual three meals plus snacks as well. Nessa also started waking up again at night and demanded to eat (and then she sometimes thought it was play time @@).

Thankfully things are truly returning to normal now with more regular nursing, eating and sleep times. Nessa is also spending a lot more time pulling herself up on the furniture (and on mom) although she still gets a bit frustrated when it comes to getting down so that she can go somewhere else to play.

We're so happy to have our happy baby back!

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jonesy said...

Carter has been doing the same thing. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is getting up in the middle of the night again! He, too, is making up for lack of appitite by eating like a pig - all hours of the day!