Friday, March 03, 2006

Rock-a-bye baby

Tuesday night we thought Nessa was just a little fussy -- then when she fell asleep while Shawn rocked her we thought, oh, she's really tired. And then while getting her ready for bed we realized that she was also a bit warm. Yep, a fever. I guess it had to happen eventually. (This is the first time she's had a noticeable fever or illness more than the slightest of sniffles.)

Nessa has continued to have a fever on and off since Tuesday night. Most of the time it has been a low fever, but Wednesday night it was quite high and even with the help of Tylenol she wouldn't settle down until about midnight. Before that Nessa slept on and off in my arms in the rocking chair or recliner and it reminded me of when she was a new little baby and often fell asleep in my arms.

She doesn't have any other symptoms of illness and at time has been her usual happy and playful self. While we want her to feel better the extra snuggles and having her fall asleep in our arms is nice.

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