Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Parenting Rule Number 474

At least that is what I think Shawn called it when I walked by Nessa's bedroom and noticed she was standing on her head while Shawn was trying to put her pants on! Technically she was on her head on her mattress with Shawn helping to support her of course ... but still.

He then told me --

Parenting Rule 474: Do not offer choices (even in jest) that you are not prepared to follow through with.

He then explained what had happened --

Nessa was kind of crabby this morning, and as usual Shawn used Humor as part of his tactics to change her mood and get her through the morning routine. We also like to offer her choices when we can so that is a common reaction for us as well.

So, Shawn asked Nessa "would you like to put your pants on sitting down or standing on your head?" And of course, Nessa being Nessa, immediately said, "Standing on my head!"

So, there we were helping Nessa stand on her head while we put her pants on her. Afterward she was indeed smiling and giggling. I am a little worried about her asking for this routinely in the future though.

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Janeen said...

That's just too funny! I can see Natalie doing that. As it is, John is resorting to reverse psychology and so far, that seems to work better than anything else! lol Kids!

Oh, just wanted to mention, my Simply Janeen blog is back up again so check it out sometime. I'm putting all my going to Korea updates on there.