Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hey mom, look at me ...

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Nessa loves goofing off with Daddy like this, and I love watching it! :-)

Just wanted to post this quick along w/ brief updates:

--Busy week, including Nessa home sick with the stomach flu :-(
--Spent a night up late w/ Nessa after she slept all day ... was able to finally start really using facebook which was cool
--Spent the weekend catching up on housework and other things -- even rented a steam cleaner to try to really get some things clean and sterilized around here
--Megan got sick Sat. with the flu. :-(
--Nessa and I got a nice long bike ride in on Sat. ... I think she's finally starting to enjoy it!
--I did get some photos uploaded to flickr, so click this photo and go look around ... didn't get around to adding descriptions though so you'll have to guess. :-) And of course you'll notice lots of food pics since I'm trying to prepare for posts on my "learningtoeat" blog ... but if you look hard you'll still see some smiling girls! Maybe I'll get around to video next weekend.
--ignored all the work I should be doing to watch Emmy's and read/write email ... at least I got cleaning done today :-)

Speaking of cleaning -- just a short note about one of the many ways Shawn made me smile today. When I was getting not so motivated about the steam cleaning while waiting for it to heat up again, he smiled and said that he loved watching me do all this cleaning -- NOT because it needs to be done, but because I simply would NOT have been able to physically do it a few months ago. I would have been worn out after a few hours Saturday, and needed a nap to recover on Sunday! He is so right! And here I was wishing I could get more done ... when I feel good I just want to keep going. I guess after about 4 years of low energy (pregnancy, post-partum, chronic fatigue) I have a lot of time to make up for. Luckily the dust will still be there next weekend. :-) (hey, shawn, I love you)

We're gearing up for another busy week. I'm also hoping the wonderful weather continues. I love the nice fall weather.

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Shawn said...

I love you, too!

Always and forever,