Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nessa writes her name

Can you tell which one Tami wrote and which one Nessa wrote? (Tami was steadying the pen when Nessa wrote it, but I think Tami needed someone to do the same!)

Nessa brought home a beautiful Easter card from daycare yesterday and she had written her name inside of it by "herself" (meaning the teacher held the pen too but claimed to only be holding it steady). This is not something we've ever tried with Nessa before, but I was intrigued. This morning on PBS between cartoons (yes, we do the Saturday morning cartoon thing now ... have to crate those memories you know), they had a "commercial" about writing your name and Nessa said she wanted to write her name. I decided to try on my new tablet PC laptop ... with the excuse that it would be easier to keep and share the evidence (OK, so it's still a fun toy too).

Now, I have not practiced much using the pen on my tablet PC and it's quite different than a regular pen and paper. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) So I was quite appalled when I saw the results of my writing an example for Nessa. However Nessa was not going to wait for me to do it again before having her turn. If you haven't guessed by now Nessa's is the 2nd one. I swear I didn't move the pen but rather just held it steady while she guided it although it's very hard to tell if that's really all I did or not. She does understands the basic movements though. We do often trace letters in our books, but had never tried writing them on paper (I'm telling you the truth, we don't push her at all academically so when you hear stuff, it's all her and then we just pick up on it and play with it because it is fun.) Her pen grip isn't perfect but considering how her motor skills lag behind the curve behind her other developmental skills, I'm not concerned at all. And I can't imagine that I had a clue how to write my name when I was 2, and I did okay ... well, then again ...

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