Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look very closely

OK, to me the absolute funniest thing about these photos is that Nessa had NO IDEA why I wanted to take her picture.

Look closely ...

... very closely

It's not merely that she dressed herself ... and I forgot about this when I first posted these to flickr.

Look at this second picture ... she obviously wasn't wearing her pants backwards all day long.

No, this is how she was dressed when we picked her up from daycare. This is not the first time this has happened. It makes me wonder if we are helping her more than we think in the morning because it doesn't happen very often at home ... at least not with jeans (sweats and pajamas are a bit more common).

When we picked her up she also had her crocs on the wrong feet ... Shawn wondered if may her head was merely on backwards. Sadly it took her a couple of hours to let me take her picture as the first request was met With shouting and stomping as she screamed "no." Later, as you see here, she was a happily showing off her Easter goodies from their party at daycare.

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