Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just us girls

Thought I better send out a quick update to all ... hope to get a few photos posted before the end of the week (but nobody better hold their breath)...

Shawn left Monday for San Jose for work. Yes, those of you that thought you knew when he was leaving, I did say Monday. He tried to leave as scheduled Sunday but after sitting in the airport and then on the airplane for a couple of hours he came back home for the night to wait for a plane that did not have "mechanical problems." Monday's travel was thankfully uneventful. :-)

The girls and I have been more than busy here. There are many things going on with both work, home, family and friends and I feel my attention is pulled in several different directions, but all in all things have been good. We do miss Shawn a lot though -- from his cleaning the kitchen routine to hugs, kisses and smiles ... and at least for me most importantly, his being here to converse with at the end of the day! After a night of bad sleep while adjusting both Shawn and I slept better last night so we at least shouldn't be walking zombies for the next 10 days or so.

Last Saturday was our annual Girl's Spa day with my mom and sisters ... it was nice. Then we spent the evening at the farm and it was lots of fun to watch the kids play together (may have pictures of this later).

When you see me, ask me how the toilet repair went. I didn't quite finish last night so I don't have a dramatic story for you yet ... results will either be very good or I'll give in and call a plumber. So far the most irritating thing is that the toilet is in such a small space (and I don't want to even think about doing this in our downstairs bathroom!).

Last night the girls and I headed over to Hintgen for Young Authors night at Megan's school. I had fun reading Megan's writings from the year and looking at projects other kids have done, and Nessa had fun waving and talking to the kids.

The weather has been beautiful this week so far ... I'm just hoping rain holds off and the grass doesn't grow too much while Shawn's gone (could I get lucky enough to not have to mow it?? and if not then can I get lucky enough to successfully start it?)

Well, Nessa's favorite Blues Clues video is done (started it while doing dishes) so my time is up ... I hope all of our loyal readers are doing well. :-)

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