Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do You Know The Way Home From San Jose?

I cannot wait to get home. This business trip has been cursed. First, my flight on Sunday the 6th got canceled due to mechanical failure, and I was unable to get on a later flight out of La Crosse that day. Then, when I arrived at my hotel on Monday evening, they told me that they had overbooked, so I had to stay at their sister property until Thursday. The problem was that their sister property was 30 minutes farther from the San Jose office, and I’m sharing a rental car with a co-worker who was at the other hotel.

Both hotels have been a travesty of proper hotel management. From not having everything in my room, to the evening staff not being able to find things like extra boxes of facial tissue, to not having change for the coin-operated laundry machines, to not refilling the breakfast buffet in a timely manner, to not cleaning my room when they said they would, this has to be the most poorly run business hotel chain in the world. (Having stayed at two, I feel entitled to claim that the problems are systemic.) I will NEVER stay by choice at an ExtendedStay brand hotel again, and I recommend that you not do so either.

The sightseeing in San Francisco last weekend was fun (well, as much fun as it could be without my sweetie by my side), but now that it’s done I just want to come home. I miss Tami so much it’s palpable. I feel like I’m missing time (and experiences) I can’t ever recapture with Nessa. My cube here is uncomfortable and noisy. The people are nice, but I can’t concentrate well, so I’m not getting as much done as I should. And I may be getting sick.

Apparently I've been missing lots of excitement in La Crosse, both general and family. I have gotten to talk to Nessa on the phone several times, which has been keeping me sane. (That and IM--as Tami said, we love IM.) But it's not enough--I'm officially tired of San Jose, and want to be back in La Crosse.

"Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I had an awful business trip to California, and it left me feeling dead."

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