Saturday, September 30, 2006

"More please"

This is how a toddler gets pretty much whatever she wants from a proud mom: "please." And it doesn't really matter if she already has enough of whatever on her plate if she says "more please" mom gives her more. :-)

Now the complete "more please" request is actually done in signs but we have actually heard her say or attempt to say each of those words individually as well. In fact our Miss Brooks is once again making her parents smile in proud amusement because NOW that she is SAYING new words every day she is also SIGNING new words every day ... and often the SAME words! :-) Nessa especially loves to look at her picture books and point to things and have us say the word and then sometimes she'll say and/or sign the word as well. Now knowing the word or sign when looking at books doesn't always translate into being able to calmly use the word as a request rather than getting frustrated because she wants something, but I think we're getting there.

The other request she learned and used frequently today was "Help Please." And that one was also very, uh, helpful. :-)

Nessa also frequently signs ball and hat and seems to be attempting a few others.

Nessa's new favorite words to say seems to be "apple" and "baby" and she says these VERY clearly. She also says: cup, shoes, side, bye, night night, Megan, Mama, dada (of course), book, ball, block, cow, no, mine, and then there are several others that are more like sounds that consistently come up when doing certain thing or looking at certain things. Oh, we think she was also saying "slide" as she was asking "more please" to go down the slide more tonight at the park. :-)

And the best thing Megan said to me today was : "I can go to bed early tonight so I can read more." In case you're wondering I told her that was OK with me while inside I was shouting for joy that my daughter finally WANTS to read more!!!! I think all the struggles and work at vision therapy is now paying off!!!! WooHOO!!!! :-)

And now it is time for me to go read ... or knit ... not sure which yet but something relaxing before an early bedtime.

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