Thursday, September 28, 2006

Discovery Toys Fall Open House

The Discovery Toys Fall Open House will be October 27 and 28th -- Friday the 27th from 1 to 8 p.m. and Saturday the 28th from 10 to 3 (or by apt. at another time). It will be a great time to do your holiday shopping! I'll post a reminder as well as send invitations to to my customers, friends and nieghbors ... but I want those of you interested to mark it on your calendar. Even those of you that can't attend but place an order that weekend will be eligible for prizes and discounts. :-)

If you want to see the new fall toys and old favorites before that you can come and play with us this weekend, Sunday October 1st, from noon to 5 as I spend time learning more about the great new fall toys with the help of my "little assistants."

You may remember from a previous post that I was planning an open house this weekend, but illnesses earlier in the week/month (most of us have taken a turn) along with deadlines for other projects have left me feeling unprepared so I am instead using that time to PLAY, ah, I mean work, learn, and research. :-) Feel free to join us for an informal time to play with the toys ... anyone that does decide to come and play with us Saturday afternoon (from noon to 5) will receive a thank you discount if they decide to order anything at that time.

As an extra bit info -- Nessa's favorite Discovery Toys these days are the Shiny, Touchy, Smelly books, the book that accompanies the Look I'm Talking! set, and the Busy Bugs Learning Set (have some great photos of this), and she also enjoys the Giant Peg Board and several other things. The Book for Look I'm Talking! though is something she'll want to "read" every day as she goes through the pages pointing at each picture and waiting for me to say what that picture is off and then she'll start over and we can go on for, well a LONG time doing that. :-) Megan's favorites are the various school age games, the It's My Business set, and she also loves the Monkey Mouth!

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