Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally some pictures !!! -- from Aug. / Sept.

These are Megan's first day of school pictures. They are not good because of several reasons -- it was actually after school (she left from her dad's in the morning) and the lighting was really bad in front of the house, I don't have time right now to try to fix the lighting digitally, and finally she was NOT in the mood to have a picture taken at all because apparently she's too old for that so I'm surprised that more of her attitude isn't showing through!

One thing that Megan is great at and rarely complains about is playing with Nessa. In fact Megan will go out of her way to make time to play with Nessa. This is not only a great help for me so I can do things like post to the blog (!) but also great for the girls' relationship with each other. I love watching my girls play together!!! :-) And as you can see Nessa loves her new tea set and all of the cooking stuff (we moved the big kitchen set up to the living room as well) ... she seems to love to stir more than anything else at this point!

From these pictures you would think that we let her run around in her diaper and cover all the time, but really we don't do that much but I was wanting "diaper pics" to share with my cloth diapering list friends and managed to get a few other great pictures at the same time since of course all photos were taken while she was "on the go."

This was a pretty normal way to see Nessa running around the living room for awhile (with clothes on her head) because every time I would be folding laundry she would grab clothes and try to put them on her head!

Here you can see Nessa's "look what I can do now" look. She loves playing with her baby (also *hates* being treated like one so there are a few struggles these days with things like, oh, sitting in the high chair). Nessa can also say "baby" very clearly ... but as with most words she only says it when she wants to.

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