Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekend to, in, and returning from Michigan ...

Now that we're home again it's time to try to play catch up this week (with more than just blog posts!) ...

Everything EXCEPT the driving was wonderful about the trip. The driving was however, if not construction traffic hell then at least purgatory! We hit construction as soon as we crossed into IL and it took us about an hour to drive about 5 miles ... then it was two hours through Chicago ... then MORE construction ... and then after I left Shawn in Kalamazoo (Shawn spent time there with our friend Morrie and while he really enjoyed the time there you'll have to ask Shawn for any other details) -- thinking it was just a mere 2.5 hours to Detroit and my hotel ... yep, you guessed it MORE construction and stand still traffic at midnight!!!! So, it was after midnight before Nessa and I made it to the hotel that night but she was a trooper about it all. Luckily the drive home was MUCH better.

Saturday I spent the day near Detroit at a friend's home along with some other friends. Some of us had met IRL (in real life) before and some of had only met through our online ICAN group. It was a great day seeing everyone and spending as much time as possible talking to some real friends and wonderful women. And of course it was fun to see all of the kids too!

We spent much of the day outside in the beautiful late summer weather, including grilling hot dogs and hamburgers (thanks Misha!). Luckily after eating we were able to move to the back yard which is fenced in because Nessa kept me going chasing after her as as usual she only wanted to run in one direction -- away from me! Nessa also attempted to master climbing while we were there ... she wasn't always successful though.

The kids all had a fun day too -- directly above are Nessa and Asa having a wagon ride -- or at least wanting someone to give them a ride! For awhile Asa pulled Nessa in the wagon! :-)

Below is the whole gang! If you count 11 kids, you're close as the eldest was actually taking the picture. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! I feel your drive to Michigan pain. I'm glad you had a good time, and I hope it was worth it.