Saturday, August 26, 2006

Darn Paparazzi

Okay that first picture was actually the second one I took. This was actually going to be a post about how Nessa always want what we have (the burger in a bun rather than cut up on her tray), but then after the camera came out -- whoa did I get the looks!!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Who'd she learn that from? I bet you can't wait until she's 15 with attitude to spare :)
PS-Are her little nails polished?

Tami said...

nails poslished?
Nah... that's just ketchup dinner. She would never be still enough while awake for me to do that at this next summer! :-)

And let's just say I think it will be a good thing that we will not have overlapping teen girls in this house! :0