Monday, August 21, 2006

Sleepy Nessa

There's no better pick up on a tired Monday than sweet Nessa pics (at least in this house!).

When I got home form work today Nessa was VERY grumpy and VERY ready for a nap. Nessa seems to have just a little teeny bit of understanding that she can't have everything that Mom and Dad and other grownups have, but if Megan or another child has it -- then it MUST be hers. And if Nessa cannot have it, then Nessa often throws an A1 tantrum! Ahh, yes, the second year ... is SO "fun!" :-)

After her tantrum Nessa melted in my arms as we sat down to rock and nurse ... she eventually fell asleep of course and after I put her in her bed I couldn't resist a few photos. Enjoy...


Simply Janeen said...

Too cute.

Anonymous said...

That cute smooshy deep sleep. It is always cute, but even more so after a big tantrum. Thanks for sharing these.