Monday, May 08, 2006

Wonderful weekend -- complete with farm photos!

We had a wonderful and busy weekend ... and if this post works you'll get a total update!

Friday night Shawn and I went out for fish and to the theatre while one of our favorite babysitters played with Megan and Nessa and tired Nessa out so that she fell asleep in the stroller and slept right though getting her diaper changed and her pajamas on!

Saturday we were up bright and early to check out the rummage sales in our neighborhood. We started with the stroller so Nessa could snack as we found her "new" toys and books, and then she decided she needed some snuggles so we put her in the ergo carrier on my back and she ended up taking a morning nap too.

Then we all got ready and packed everything in the car and headed up to Ridgeway for a surprise family gathering at the farm -- timing was a bit tricky for everyone due to various activities going on so we didn't get to shout "surprise" for mom, but I think she liked her birthday surprise anyway. We had lunch and then set out to plant that family garden.

I let Nessa play on the grass for a bit, but she was getting tired and cranky so out came the ergo again. Then I walked the corn rows to check for any uncovered seeds and a few rows later I heard baby snores ... two naps on mom's back in one day -- what a lucky girl!

Unfortunately Jake wasn't feeling himself and only wanted his mom (smart baby) to snuggle him close.

Ellen also was feeling under the weather but still took charge of the girls as they planted beans, peas, carrots, sunflowers ... and I'm not sure what else since Rebecca was removing the labels. :-) Anyway, we hope something grows! And Ellen did a great job with the girls both with planting and with making stepping stones (see below). Thank you Ellen -- we really appreciate those teacher talents! No wonder Charlotte told Ellen that she wanted Ellen to be her teacher this next year when she goes to kindergarten!

Later in the afternoon we all sat around and chatted and played with the kids as we waited for mom and dad to return from a nearby retirement party. Nessa woke up after a couple of hours so after a snack and a diaper change she was really ready to explore a little herself. She loved playing with a volleyball we had out and even initiated "playing catch" (rolling it back and forth between our legs). For some reason she also loved the gravel driveway and would crawl across the lawn and then onto the driveway several times. The rough rocks didn't seem to bother her at all.

unfortunately sticking her hand or foot in wet cement did bother her so Nessa's stepping stone doesn't have a hand or footprint on it (although several other kids accidentally stepped in it early on -- luckily Ellen was able to save it every time). The stones did turn out beautiful but I didn't have my camera with for pics on Sunday -- anyone else have a photo of the finished product?

Nessa also enjoyed sitting on the riding lawn mower -- although she wasn't truly happy until we let her have the keys! :-)

Shawn, Nessa and I ended the night with Pizza at the farm house (and Nessa ate at the table like a big girl -- no more picking off the toppings for her!) and then headed home as we were very tired. Megan stayed overnight with Grandma and Grandpa at the farm along with Ellen, Lance and Ahnika.

It was a great day though and it was so good to see everyone. I hope to post the rest of the pics I took on an online photo site soon. I only feel bad as I look through the photos that we didn't actually get many pics of mom and none of all of us together!

Sunday was truly a day of rest, well for the most part, but Megan and I did do a bit of shopping as well as the entire household taking naps.

Now that it's Monday and raining again, we're especially thankful for the gorgeous weekend we had as the weather was fair and sunny in addition to being able to spend time hanging out with our family. I wish it wasn't another dreary Monday, but at least the garden is getting watered!


jonesy said...

What a fun weekend - and great photos. I bet it is nice having all the little ones around - and a bit crazy, too! Great pics!

what site did you order the ergo from? We need another option - our 25-pounder and the Baby Bjorn are just not cutting it anymore!

Tami said...

Thanks Heather --

We got the ergo from

and I've been meaning to give them a shout out for the great product and service so I'm happy to post the link. I bought from there because of their 90 day money back guarantee and their informative site. I've been SO happy with the ergo that I've never once thought about returning it though!

We love it and it truly is the most comfortable carrier I've ever used -- and I've used quite a few. The only thing I use the sling pouch for now is when I know Nessa is going to be in and out fast since the Ergo is a bit more of a process to put on (especially by myself) but it's still pretty easy to use. I highly recommend it -- especially with the money back option just in case it doesn't work out for you.

And wow, Carter is 25 pounds already!?! :-)